What’s hot + what’s not

What's HOT this week:

* Pooh. Still oh so hot in this house. Also the Disney version, but I prefer the AA Milne, reserved for bedtime, read chapter by chapter. Loving this.

* My weekly organic fruit and vegetable delivery – not expensive, delivered to my door. I can get my beloved organic Barambah milk which we grew very attached in Brisbane and this week we added a 'juicing box' – cheap, oldish fruit and veg, still all organic, perfect for juicing. They sent apples, oranges, kiwi, beetroot, kale and fresh ginger. We are full of goodness.

* BBC's State of Play. It's not new, made 2003, a British political/investigative journalist intrigue. Plus it's got James Macavoy in it. Ad and I lost a bit of sleep this week sitting up watching it. Marvelous. 

 * Meredith Dairy Goat's cheese. Has this appeared on this list before? I think it might have. It's my favourite food at present, I adore it. Mostly on turkish bread toast for breakfast. *sigh*

What's NOT:

* 20 year (year 10) school reunion tomorrow night, and I've failed miserably to achieve my 'new things' list! So I'm cutting it back, next week, to a new list pre-christmas, one that I can get through, including some of the things still on the list that I want to explore. My friend Ben has managed to find us Miracle Fruit – so watch out for that adventure next week! Also hummus will appear, the IKU sago, and yoghurt maple balls. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! We're off to the farm, will send a postcard a la Soulemama!

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