When I met my fella

You know, digital photography is such a fantastic thing. Even more so when you go looking for old photos and they're not on your hard disk, they're in a drawer. Getting dusty and bent.

Ad rib

I met Adam, my dude, in 1997. A long way before digital photography.

I'm sure I have photos of him from then but I'm lucky to find the pre-school bags easily, you know, so what are my chances?

Another day.

I LOVE how-did-you-meet-each-other stories. I've heard some crackers lately!

Ours isn't so unusual really. 

He was at college with my brother, we had a mutual friend, James a.k.a Jim Jam (currently somewhere in the Black Forest) and whenever Jim Jam wasn't hanging out with me, he was playing with this friend, Adam.  

I liked the sound of him. He was outdoorsy, sporty, fit, super intelligent and into retailing. I had nothing in common with him whatsoever. He also seemed to have a string of girls. Mostly fitting above description.

One day, when I was very very hungover, James suggested we go visit Adam at work. Adam was managing an Australian Geographic store in Darling Harbour, and we wandered in and there he was. Wearing an apron, secretly reading the newspaper, looking lovely. (Unlike me.)

The next time I saw him was at his birthday party, I went as Jim Jam's date, and there he was sitting next to his long time ex girlfriend now best buddy, (outdoorsy, sporty, fit…) and he was looking lovely.

By now I was pretty smitten. 

So I asked him out. On a date. To see my brother Tim play a gig in the city. 

There were a few old college friends and others there. It was a cool venue and a fun gig. Adam came along, he was friendly, and at the end of the gig I suggested we go for a drink, and he said no, he was tired, he was going home. And he did. Me too. In a taxi, in tears. 

And that was that. 

For about two months.

Then one day, Justin, another mutual friend (Sydney is a small town) suggested to me that Adam was dead keen on me. I recalled unsuccessful date. Apparently Adam wasn't aware it was a date, what with all those other people. And had done a store fit out the 24hrs before the gig and had not slept at all.

I was dubious. There had been no follow up. I told Justin I'd moved on. 

I got a phonecall the next day: Adam inviting me to a housewarming party at his & Justin's flat in Manly on the weekend. I said OK. I got a call the next day suggesting that because the party was a full five days away, did I want to have dinner this week? I said I'd cook him dinner, and to come over tonight if he liked.

He did. He was gorgeous. Fiercely intelligent with an incredible breadth of interests and energy and charm in spades. Can't remember what I cooked.

But after a delicious kiss goodnight I was looking forward to the weekend.

To be continued…!

(PS this story has a happy ending)

Smiley girl
Photo by Jim Walmsley


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