when the big week turned into a big month

Hello! Jeepers. I’ve just about forgotten how to log into Typepad. We’ve been rolling with the punches over here, holding our heads above deep, deep water and singing loudly to a favourite song. 

We’ve done a lot of very fun stuff in a short period of time and I’ll catch you up on it all, I promise. Chicken workshops and picnic days on the farm and long table lunches and a brand new farmers’ market and more Hayden Quinn and a whole weekend fermenting with Sandor Katz and Milkwood Permaculture


I know, SERIOUSLY. Much more on Sandor and what’s growing on my kitchen bench in the next couple of days. 

And also an amazing intern, Tory, who arrived two weeks ago on the eve of the first market and in the thick of it, and who thinks she’s here for four weeks but really, we might have to lock the farm gate so she can’t get out. Can we do that? She’s a nutritionist and wholefoods chef and an all-round beautiful person and we’re thrilled she’s chosen to spend a few weeks with us. (“Few weeks” or, you know, “forever.” No pressure.)


Photo by Peter Izzard

And while we thought he was just here doing an “Unrefined” episode, it turns out Hayden has made THREE extra videos about Buena Vista Farm. One released last Friday and another two to be released over the next two Fridays. I’ve seen a sneak peak and the last one is my favourite. We feel very lucky. Singing, paddling like crazy, riding the waves. It’s going to be a good year. Time to plant cabbages. 

The new video is below! …




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