where am I? (and what’s my name again?)

Hi! At around lunchtime yesterday I took myself off to the nurse to get my blood pressure checked. I felt OK but had high blood pressure at the end of pregnancy with Henry and it was a little high on Saturday when I saw the midwife.

Nurse reported it was totally fine. Excellent. Went off and did a hundred little errands that needed doing. Last one was picking up Henry from school and as I stood in the playground I felt very very odd. 

Make that: sick. 

With a crushing headache.

Came home, called Adam, asked him to come home straight away if he was able to. He jumped in a cab and was home in half an hour, we left Henry and Tilly with our beloved neighbours and went to hospital.

Yep, blood pressure through the roof.

Weird how that can happen.

But yet another reason I'm glad I don't live in the Middle Ages. They have excellent drugs for that. Which made me feel better really quite quickly. And they could confidently tell me the baby was fine. 

I stayed in hospital overnight and was released late this afternoon after more monitoring and scanning of the (apparently BIG) baby and appointments made for next Tuesday morning to go be inspected again.

I was on the maternity ward with lots of very cute very tiny bubbas being carried around so am now really very excited about meeting ours. (And for her not to get too much bigger!!!)

They say they'll discuss induction if I don't go into labour naturally by late next week. The main reason being not the size of the bub but the fact that we're apparently running a little low on amniotic fluid. 

So TIPS AND TRICKS please!! Old wives tales are my favourites. 

Anyone know anything that works?!

Or have a good hot curry recipe?!


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