Just in case you thought I'd moved to paradise and lost myself up my own green righteousness, I'm here to tell you, there's a snake in the grass!

No not the grass behind the baby, you think I'd be focussing the camera? I really like that wee moppet.

But after seeing an enormous black snake right near the house, and casually learning from a neighbour that it lives in the next door dam, I don't leave her unsupervised on the grass. Not when it's steaming hot outside and the lawn needs a mow. 


Oh, the spiders. 

So you know I'm not so great with arachnids. I've talked about it before, my big fat irrational spider-bait-ness

The first thing I found here were the Huntsmen, a large hairy legged spider that's not dangerous but is (for me) alarming to find hanging out in my kitchen. They make them big round here. And many. Crappers. I didn't bin the one I killed today. I hope the corpse serves as a warning to its friends. No mercy to hairy legged spiders in this house.  

I've also been noticing big spider holes in the yard. Lots of them. I called a family friend who is a retired chemist and spider expert to ascertain whether they were Funnel-web holes and was relieved he confirmed they are mere Trapdoors, still dangerous but a bite does not actually require anti-venom. Excellent. Dreadful but not fatal. Good to know. 



So this is great for my resident entomologist.

I had a specific conversation with her about not messing around with spider holes and always (a) wearing shoes outside and (b) shaking them out before you put them on, only to hear her suggesting to a small visiting neighbour that they go look for spider holes. 



I'm shaking out my boots. 

Hope your week is travelling well and spider-free. 

Thinking of our friends in North Queensland tonight and hoping everyone's battened down and holding on tight. 


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