wonderful treehouse

Hey remember this?

I had a few comments and emails about this amazing treehouse the kids played with at The Australian Museum last week so I did some digging. 

Turns out it was made for the museum by a lady here, locally. Yep, it's made out of a hollowed tree trunk. She's amazing, right?

Anyway, the artist's anme is Carla Dejong and she has a website.

The lovely lady who runs the kid's programs at the Museum said she didn't think Carla made the four-story-high treehouses usually as they may be unstable.

I'm planning to find out!




Also a quick note about the little dude: all perfectly excellent today, ears aren't even sore, back to school! He was totally cool about the whole procedure, (called an aural toilet, how hilarious). I thought he might freeze up a bit at the idea of the anesthetic given his last experience twelve months ago was major palate reconstruction and surgery on his throat – coming out of that anesthetic is something I'll never forget but perhaps he has. He was very chilled about the whole thing. Marvelous wee fella. 


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