yoghurt maple balls

You mean I need to stop eating these long enough to write a post? 

Naaah. I can multi-task.

Yoghurt maple balls. *sigh*. 

You know I'm pretty finicky about recipe provenance. I always try to credit anyone and any recipe that has influenced one of mine. 

This one is a wee problem though. 

Adam and I stayed at a friend's weekender in the Blue Mountains one weekend a long time ago and I found this recipe in a magazine. It was a long time before I started blogging and I wrote the recipe down but didn't think to write down which magazine it was. Maybe Gourmet Traveller? Maybe Donna Hay? Maybe Delicious??

So, I'm sorry to the creator of this recipe, whoever you are. I'm reproducing it here because it is perfect and needs to be shared.

These little yoghurty nutty mapley things are gorgeous. I've scrawled at the bottom of my original page the author's suggestion to serve with balsamic pears or berries which is all very nice but totally unnecessary. Enjoy solo.


1 kg thick greek style yogurt

1/2 cup maple syrup

1 tblsp cinnamon

2 tbslp caster sugar

hazelnuts, roughly chopped and toasted


Combine the yogurt and the syrup. Place onto a large square of doubled muslin and gather together tightly with string. 

Loop string around a chopstick and suspend over a bowl or container in the fridge for four days to remove the liquid.  

 After four days mine looked like this (above).

 And out of the muslin, like this (above). Weird!

Form tablespoon-sized balls with wet hands…

and roll in mix of cinnamon and sugar. 

Then toss to coat in the hazelnuts.  

Aaaaah. *gargle in back of throat.*

They are fabulously dense and not too sweet and totally delicious. 

Dear Greeninkgirl, this spoonful is for you. If I thought they'd ship, I'd send 'em. 

Meanwhile I'll just enjoy them on your behalf, I hope that's OK. (Thanks for the push to make these. A little encouragement goes a long way with me!)

Let me know if any of you make these!

(And in my next house, whenever that is, let's put an order in for natural light in the kitchen. Gosh that'd be awesome. The 'yellow' photos are taken in the kitchen, everything else I carry outside to photograph!)

OK, just one more spoonful…


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