Monthly Archives: July 2010

fine for YOU to laugh

Henry: (To me, while in the car, Adam driving.) How did the baby get in your tummy? Me: *cough* Really? We're having that conversation? Henry: (steely-eyed) But how? Me: Daddy put it there.  Henry: Daddy, how did you do that? Adam: (straight-faced) Mummies and daddies have special cuddles and that's […]

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if she was food, we’d eat her

As she's not, we're busy taking deep breaths of delicious smelling baby. Really, she smells that good.  Maybe it's just me.    Delicious.   One week old today.   And this hat which I thought looked so tiny, enormous on her tiny noggin.  Knitting up another to fit her now. (When I'm not […]

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postcard from cloud 9

Hello! Thanks for all your gorgeous comments – we really appreciate it! It's totally lovely hearing from you.  Ten things about my little lady, Ivy: 1. She was born on 30th June. Which for anyone who has ever worked in finance is a terrificly easy date to remember, fortuitous for […]

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and just like that

a little person launches themselves into the world. intact. perfect. hungry!  (she'll fit right in here, then.)   Just home today. All super excellent. (The benefits of a quick labour! Very lucky.) More tomorrow – just thought I'd share a couple of moments of Ivy McLaren Walmsley meeting some of […]

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