Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, you lovely folk.  xxx

things I know

Joining in with Yay for Home today!   Things I know: 1. The grass isn't always greener. Sometimes I wish I was someone else, or something other, or part of the gang, or perhaps better at self promotion. And then I take a good hard look at the absolute blessings around me and I think: […]

new neighbours

In a short time we've become very fond of our neighbours. They're lovely.  And as a special treat, one of the four legged kind had babies two days ago. So we took cookies for our friend the farmer, and took another neighbour and trooped off down the road today to welcome them to the neighbourhood […]

over here we are…

.. scoping out sunny spots for possible vegetable gardens   .. playing identify-the-citrus-tree. (Or we were, until my lovely new neighbour sheepishly admitted that because this place had been vacant for so long, she'd been nicking the fruit off the trees and knew every tree, in every fruiting phase!)   .. clarifying that all the […]

all things bright and beautiful

Well hello!! I'll be honest, as my little USB modem whirred to life for the first time this afternoon, I felt the relief of a junkie getting a hit. I didn't realize how plugged in I was until I was totally unplugged. I don't like it. I like the idea of meditating on a hilltop, […]

the office

I've always loved my Dad's office.  So much so that it's weird I meandered into a corporate job for quite so long.  I love his water cooler… and his co-workers… and his team building events.   Er, for the record, Tilly dressed herself in that stackhat, perhaps in light of her Grandfather's car racing history […]

escape artists

Oh yessirree. A last minute bolt. Our favourite, favourite rabbit hole.  Where else can you :: ride your bike in your jarmies?   :: run through the garden and pick up the fallen lemons… … and thrown the rotten ones… …over the fence? (This one)   :: Where else would we be spending the afternoon […]

pretending we’re elsewhere

What do you do when you live in the city and wish for a moment you were in the middle of the bush? You go find a park.   And under the orders of the captain: You build a make-shift shelter: You navigate the rising river: You collect firewood: and you have yourselves a sunny, […]


Well hello! I hope you had a smashing weekend.  We did. First overnight stay away with new baby: at Mum and Dad's so not really pushing the boat out I s'pose. Totally, totally lovely.   What's not to adore about the farm? :: Mum and Dad's tradition of putting out your particular family flag when […]

a girl and her (aunty’s) owl

One of my sisters had an owl just like this one forever when we were little. Owlie. Very special. My other sister found this exact replica years later and thoughtfully bought it, I think just before Owlie was about to travel overseas on an adventure possibly likely to spell the end of his stuffing at […]