A slice of Wednesday

One of my long-time favourite blogs closed down recently and it really got me thinking. About how much time we spend recording and revisiting, about what we're not doing while we're busy blogging, about what the motivation behind blogging is. You know. Light and easy stuff.  It strikes me that […]

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the clean-out-the-fridge brownie recipe

Hi! So there's a lot of rain going on over here, and by here, I mean south-east Australia. Our wide brown land is less droughts and all about flooding rains today. Adam and I are part-way through selling a house in south Brisbane which we are very much hoping will […]

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Lazy lady

Some people cook with a recipe most of the time. Some people never use recipes and just wing it.  I have to admit to supreme dorkdom: I memorize recipes. Always have. I carry quite a lot around in my noggin, most of them very basic, Country Women's Association-type recipes. This […]

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Always room for a brownie…

What do you do with a jar of Nutella in the cupboard after Christmas that you've had there to make chocolate truffles with that you didn't get around to making? You eat it by the spoonful, of course. Until better sense gets the better of you and you frantically google […]

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The Best Brownie. Ever.

I think I found it. And I tell you, it was a long delicious road from here… … to the final fabulous non cakey Brownie. I freely admit I did not create the Recipe of Awesomeness. I've mentioned it before, a blog I love, Lemonpi. She gave me the recipe […]

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