it doesn’t always work

I'm pretty lucky. At least I've always felt lucky.  Stuff does mostly work.  But in case you were getting the irrits cruising by here with the sweet children and the glorious family farm and the caramel that just seems to work, I'm here to tell you it doesn't always. Here is a banana loaf I […]

some days

some days are all about perspective   dreadful disease?   or expressive body art?   Henry home sick with a headcold.  Tilly developing an unhealthy attachment to glitter glue. And clag. And glue sticks. There's not a craft project that does not require glue at the moment. Ivy attacked by a merciless mosquito.  Dinner? IKEA […]

three months

Three short months with us, out here.  What did we ever do without her? What did they do without her? Three months ago I didn't know every inch of her wee face and how soft her fuzzy head feels  and how strong and bonny she would be.  Three short months ago I didn't know her […]


There's nothing like it. Alfresco peanut butter sandwiches… …some very serious games of hide and seek… ..i.e. small excited people hiding from their terrifying father… …and how much do I love my boy's smile?   I'm joining in with Elsie Marley's Kid's Clothes Week challenge this week – spending one hour a day sewing clothes […]

I love the mountains

This weekend one whole side of my extended family, a wonderful bonus that came with Adam, went to the mountains. Where lichen grows on walls and the temperature drops to freezing. One of my favourite places in the world (after Mum and Dad's.) We holed up in a cosy house with wine and lots of […]

pictures of weekendiness

Saturday was a day filled with excited six year olds, birthday cake and bursting balloons. Very, very good fun but Sunday needed to be a bit peaceful. A play and picnic in the park. Our favourite park. With a new birthday scooter. Its first outing.   My view. Henry: "Don't step in the glass, Mum." […]


How about that. Six years old tomorrow. Our little dude, Henry Bean. Six years ago tonight I was pacing and swaying in what I now know was pre-labour. I was forgetting to pack Adam's boardshorts although I planned a whole lot of birthing bath action (packed his speedos instead – never heard the end of […]

this moment

Inspired by Soulemama's Friday ritual, here's my moment to cherish this week:  Adam and our newest addition, Ivy, three weeks old. Asleep almost instantly in the Baby Bjorn on Daddy's chest.  Photo from my iPhone (using Hipstamatic.) Have a gorgeous weekend. xxx

day in pictures

First: you lot have some excellent stuff lurking in your pantries!!  Sue: can you email me a photo of your mystery vegetable by any chance?  Am now on lookout for uses for balsamic pickled cucumbers, rye flour (I have a bag of this too, Angie), middle eastern fig confit (YUM) and mango pickle. (Yvette – […]