Fiasco farming

upping stakes

So we've made some mistakes. One day, when in the majority our mistakes are far enough back to be anecdotal only, I'm going to write a book called Fiasco Farming. Detailing the debacle. That's if I haven't erased the first two years from my mind with therapy or gin. This is […]

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what a goose

  On Tuesday I posted a photo to Facebook. This one: I rabbited on about how we love Joel Salatin but we don't love his poultry pens that he recommends for meat birds because they are too cage-like. I righteously noted that we'd developed a more chook-friendly design (a hoop […]

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fiasco farming

    Mostly my fiasco farming posts are for giggle value. They're a trawl through the many, many mistakes we've made in the first two years of this enterprise. Sometimes a bit embarrassed, always self deprecating, they're kinda the backbone of the book we might write one day when we're […]

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more fiasco farming

  Those pigs. They've taught us a thing or two.  Right when we think we've got it figured out, we're officially registered as a pork producer, we've got a market, we've got the whole paddock to butchery process in hand, they remind us just how clueless we really are.  On […]

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