upping stakes

So we've made some mistakes. One day, when in the majority our mistakes are far enough back to be anecdotal only, I'm going to write a book called Fiasco Farming. Detailing the debacle. That's if I haven't erased the first two years from my mind with therapy or gin. This is it. We're now officially in […]

what a goose

  On Tuesday I posted a photo to Facebook. This one: I rabbited on about how we love Joel Salatin but we don't love his poultry pens that he recommends for meat birds because they are too cage-like. I righteously noted that we'd developed a more chook-friendly design (a hoop house) and how wonderful our […]

fiasco farming

    Mostly my fiasco farming posts are for giggle value. They're a trawl through the many, many mistakes we've made in the first two years of this enterprise. Sometimes a bit embarrassed, always self deprecating, they're kinda the backbone of the book we might write one day when we're far enough in to be […]

more fiasco farming

  Those pigs. They've taught us a thing or two.  Right when we think we've got it figured out, we're officially registered as a pork producer, we've got a market, we've got the whole paddock to butchery process in hand, they remind us just how clueless we really are.  On Monday, Adam was due to […]

some days are just more exciting than others

    Just to remind us what total amateurs we are, Adam went this morning to build a farrowing nest for our girl pig who we suspected might be pregnant, and discovered we had piglets. Eleven of them.  Of course it happened the first morning Dad was home. Not yesterday. Not two days ago. The […]