25 days… and out.

  Yesterday at about 4pm when I ducked into a supermarket to buy extra white chocolate for a batch of Choccy Choc Chocs destined for the Gerringong Markets this weekend, I decided to abandon the challenge.  To be honest, Vanessa was out of the game after a week. But after a week we were just […]

stuff we know

I don't know very much.  But I know that custard makes me feel better if I have a scratchy throat; her too.     I know this new magazine is gorgeous and one day I'd love to be able to contribute to it.   I know that the gift of a few old loaves of […]

the toilet paper question

  Because I don't have a photo of toilet paper to illustrate this post with, I'm going with sourdough starter instead.     BUBBLY! There's more interest in sourdough than I thought, so I'll come back to it, I promise. And I think it'd make sense to be able to see the starter and maybe […]

Thank you, Rooster.

  Day 18 and if I ever pretend I got to Day 19 on my own ingenuity, feel free to snort. Our friends Mark and Amy are responsible for us not chucking it in today. Friends that grow stuff. Who sent us home with enormous, crisp, juicy watermelons and delicious pumpkins. A bag of fresh […]

You can do this

  Day 17 of the challenge. Dinner tonight: leek and potato soup and homemade bread. (Above, pulled pork on buns, on the weekend with my sister Suzie.) I am, I'll admit, spending more time than ever thinking about food. Voting in my mind about what to do with the very last onion. Whether the leftover […]

from there to here

Thanks for your kind comments about Miss Ivy, she's still a wheezeball but seems to be feeling better. Fever's still spiking at night but comes back down with panadol. Hopefully tomorrow she'll shake the virus and whether or not the asthma sticks around, we'll be waiting and seeing with her on that one. We took […]

I think you would’ve cheated too

  Just  small cheat, about the size of this small and very beloved person.  Who started wheezing yesterday, a wheeze that turned into a dreadful barking cough, a cough then accompanied by more and more difficult breathing.  I made the soonest doctor appointment I could, and when he said he didn't think it was a […]

day 8

  It has occasionally, in the last week, struck me as ridiculous; this game of buying nothing and making do, when so many many many people just do it because they have to.  But I'm keeping on, because it's interesting to me what we can do without. We're not doing without much, just yet, having […]

the forever friend

  Day 6 of the Game On Challenge, and I've learnt a few things. I'm cataloguing the end of the fresh food. Cursing the chickens who nibbled all my baby lettuces (I NEED those lettuces!!). And I'm learning that if we ever hit Armageddon, what you need even more than a stockpile, a generator and […]


    How much do you have to love a person in order to give them your last ration of goat's fetta?  In the case of our friends Linda and Matt, here for lunch today, it was a cinch. Goodbye goat's fetta.     I still have a lot of flour (like, 25kgs) and a […]