sometimes poetry is a cucumber

The first vegetable I ever grew. Harvested today. Cool, hey! Also, I have a sick and uncharacteristically miserable baby. Headcold, bit of fever, bit of throwing up, poor wee mite. Lots of cuddles and sips of water and 'osh, osh, osh'-ing (this family's version of hush.) The cucumber can wait. […]

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rocket launch

Remember this little salad patch?   I can't believe I've actually managed to grow some food.   Friends for lunch last Saturday, rocket and feta salad for the table.      And this is what happens when Adam (thanks for the photos babe) tells you he's taking a photo of […]

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over here we are…

.. writing a business plan (or two) .. doing a bit of bookkeeping .. selling a house – our Brisbane place settled today! .. baking choc chip cookies with many helping hands .. warning visitors that Ivy has a new high pitched shriek that she tries out for fun at […]

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one potato, two potato…

Here I was thinking everyone grew sweet potatoes on their windowsills.  But the surprise that my weedy greeneries evoked in all friends passing through our kitchen this weekend made me realise that it's not, perhaps, a worldwide fad. Shame. They're super cool! (And gosh that windowsill needs painting…) I first […]

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