Party Food

smartie cookies

Smarties! What kid does not love a smartie, I ask you? I never thought I'd be the kind of parent rewarding kids with coloured chocolate buttons, but there you go. I do. Two smarties have big pull in this house. And you know what: they no longer have artificial colours or […]

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little black book

I have a little black book. No, it's not a lascivious list of old flames. (More's the pity really.) It's a dinner party book. One I started years ago, after I made my very good friends Jodie and Andrew (fabulous foodies) cheesecake for the third dinner party in a row and someone […]

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the humble sausage roll

     Another quite unattractive food, really.  But oh so yummy. Homemade sausage rolls. With tomato sauce. An Australian kids birthday party is incomplete without them.  My divine godson Sebastian turned 6 a few weeks ago. 6!! Goodness me. He had a spectacular Star Wars themed party complete with R2D2 […]

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junk-free kids birthday party

So we did it. A birthday party for a five year old with no lollies or junk food, and no one even noticed. Awesome. Tilly and I in preparation mode. Thanks to Jim Walmsley (Adam's Dad) for the photos today! I'm afraid you'll have to just take my word for it though, […]

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