Farm loving

three little pigs

                      Three more little pigs joined us last week. Although these three are temporarily being borrowed by a friend of ours over the road (with the best permaculture garden I've ever seen) and an old pumpkin patch to dig up.  […]

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Happy New Year!

  Here's to you and a celebratory new year, perhaps with time off, and family and good food and maybe sunshine and sand if you're in our part of the world. I wish all good things for you! *clink* Thanks for dropping in here to visit, I appreciate your company […]

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inspired MacGyvering

We've moved our laying flock from our acre block over to the farm. Very exciting for us, not so much for poor Casanova left behind (he actually belongs to the neighbours, he just lived with our ladies.)     Poor folorn rooster. He spent the first day in the empty […]

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broiler day

  Tomorrow morning, starting out at 4.30am with a farming friend who also raises chickens, I'm going to my first abattoir. With my meat chickens aboard.  This has been fascinating. These quick growing meat chickens kinda challenged my slow food mentality, and we'll try a slightly different breed next time […]

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I broke a fence today. (Actually it wasn't today – this is a post I drafted earlier this week before the week got sidetracked, but more on that tomorrow.) Not this exact fence, this is a photo I took earlier. Same farm, different paddock. I detatched the springy electric gate […]

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over here we are…

… leaving the hats and the suncream at the back door. … admiring the coffee trees, and the cherries turning bright red, almost ready for picking.    … now grown up enough to open and shut electric fences. This is a big deal.   … enjoying the glorious weather with […]

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