great expectations

  Today was the day I was going to get stuff done. Tilly was at preschool, I had a list, I was all over it.  It's like I've never had an eight month old. Who has just learnt to crawl. Who managed to crawl across the kitchen in a second and get her fingers jammed […]

gosh she’s really let herself go

  Do you know this woman? I can tell you what she used to look like. She used to match. Have a $250 haircut. Often manicured. Waxed, combed, clean. You wouldn't see her without a touch of mascara at the very least. Some nice cheek gloss. Lip glass. All on expensively moisturized skin, recently facial-ed.  […]

the hard questions

I think of myself as fairly thoughtful.  I've been lucky enough to do quite a bit of study and although I'm suffering blackout levels of short term memory loss at present (remind me what my name is?), generally I can figure stuff out. Come up with an answer. Frequently glib and wrong, but an answer.  […]


Good, unrestrained, imaginative curiosity is probably the trait I cherish most in my small people.    I love bugs in the bug catcher and escapee snails on the stairs.  I love the little finger in the cocoa powder and the little hands which will only be satisfied playing the entire eighty-eight piano keys one after […]

three months

Three short months with us, out here.  What did we ever do without her? What did they do without her? Three months ago I didn't know every inch of her wee face and how soft her fuzzy head feels  and how strong and bonny she would be.  Three short months ago I didn't know her […]


Kate has got me thinking, with her celebratory week of imperfections.  It's the strangest thing sometimes, blogging. Because we tend to macro focus on the marvellous and edit out the imperfect. This isn't because I'm pretending my life is perfect, for heavens sake, my sisters both read this blog! How long d'ya reckon I'd get […]

Looking good, Vern. (Or not).

So I MAY have forgotten that the community nurse was coming to our house this morning to check out Ivy. Now I know she's not 'community services' and she's not actually technically judging me in terms of my competence, but I really didn't do myself any favours.  Bit of a disturbed night, not too bad, […]

stuff I learnt this week

: Turns out some newborns do just eat and sleep. I thought that was something people just claimed. We're not naive enough to know this may not all change tomorrow, but we're super grateful for Ivy being so chilled out right now. (And not feeding two-hourly through the night like her sister used to!) : […]

fine for YOU to laugh

Henry: (To me, while in the car, Adam driving.) How did the baby get in your tummy? Me: *cough* Really? We're having that conversation? Henry: (steely-eyed) But how? Me: Daddy put it there.  Henry: Daddy, how did you do that? Adam: (straight-faced) Mummies and daddies have special cuddles and that's how babies get into mummies […]

Mother guilt

Here's one for you: Why are mother's so good at guilt? Does it fall to us naturally to feel like we're never quite cutting it or is it a twenty-first century working-mother specialty? I wonder. I am so bloody excellent at it. Guilty of letting my children watch TV. Guilty of raising my voice. Guilty of occasionally […]