Sustainable living

bummer of a confession

If you drop in here, you might get the impression I'm all down with the homesteading. Got a bit of a garden, do a bit of cooking, know my way round a sewing machine. Pretty green. The baby appears to have an amber necklace on. Buddhist tendencies, hippy inclination. And […]

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the green man

I live in a dark house with a green man. By this I mean it's not about turning off lights at our place when you leave a room, you gotta present a good reason to turn them on.  Like I said, dark house, green man. We have a water timer […]

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one small change

{vegie scraps about to get a new lease}  Inspired by Hip Mountain Mama's One Small Change Campaign I have decided to make some small green changes this year.  If you've ever had a dog and now don't, you'll know that feeling of horrible waste every time you throw a beef or […]

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