Sweet Treats


Do you have a signature dish? Something people ask you to make?  I wish my signature dish was an awesome Boeuf Bourguignon, or breathtaking hand rolled sushi or a specially delicate lemon tart. Nope. I'm pretty sure this is my signature: Caramel. Now, before we get into Dulce de Leche, […]

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Chocolatey Awesomeness

I've blogged this slice previously, without a photo. And it's so damn yummy I had to make it again and am hoping a photo will inspire you to try it! It's dead easy and quick. Awesome with an espresso! No Nutella this time (I didn't have any) and it's still […]

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obviously i’m in cake mode

Henry and Tilly  We don't usually have a lot of cake or sweet treats in this house. But this week we've had guests – Adam's parents have been here for a week – so that's my excuse. Nothing like a little bit of something with a cup of tea with […]

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