Sweet Treats

cake stall

Hello! Big election weekend in Australia – if you missed it, we just exercised our democratic right to elect the federal government. 'Cept (hang it, you all know I'm a feminist leftie) people actually voted for a Coalition government (I would never have believed it) headed by a backward thinking […]

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Easy sponge cake recipe

First, I have to admit, this is not my Grandmother's award-winning fabulous spongecake recipe, which I committed to making before June, along with other un-accomplished things on that list over there on the left which I will address shortly. This is what my mother and aunt thought might be the […]

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little apple teacakes

I've been thinking about cupcakes this week after a friend emailed me for a cupcake recipe and I realised I didn't have one (rather, I just split the good old butter cake mix into cupcake pans when the need arises.) So while I'm thinking about cupcakes and looking at a […]

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strawberry shortcake

Shortcake is one of the things I don't make.  I don't make it, because my Mum does. And man, she makes a good shortcake. I think in every family somebody specializes in something, right? Maybe you are the excellent birthday cake maker. Or the beloved scone bringer. Maybe you're known […]

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yoghurt maple balls

You mean I need to stop eating these long enough to write a post?  Naaah. I can multi-task. Yoghurt maple balls. *sigh*.  You know I'm pretty finicky about recipe provenance. I always try to credit anyone and any recipe that has influenced one of mine.  This one is a wee […]

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dulce de leche

DID IT!!! As I wandered about my kitchen at 5.30pm this afternoon with my friend Yvette, who was picking up her son who'd come around the corner to my place because he'd forgotten his keys, and I was telling her that I was about to take Tilly to the doctor […]

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