Sweet Treats

killer caramel recipe!

So, do you want to know that you can make kick arse caramel with stuff already in your pantry?! Butter, sugar, milk? If this sounds just too damn dangerous, exit now.  Right. It started like this. I wander around the supermarket shunning bad food. No, not buying chocolate. No, not […]

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What's delicious around here at the moment: :: School holiday mornings! No rushing, no "come ON get your shoes on!", no "PUT THAT AWAY WE HAVE TO GO!"; rather, a bit of lego, a cup of tea, a nice slow start, and if you're lucky a bit of a sleep […]

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Lazy lady

Some people cook with a recipe most of the time. Some people never use recipes and just wing it.  I have to admit to supreme dorkdom: I memorize recipes. Always have. I carry quite a lot around in my noggin, most of them very basic, Country Women's Association-type recipes. This […]

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Lemon and Passionfruit Cupcakes Recipe!

Here is the recipe I promised yesterday. It's a minor variation on the good old butter cake, but the yoghurt makes it so moist and light and the passionfruit flavour is delicious. They really don't need icing but a cream cheese icing or lemon icing does nicely too! INGREDIENTS 125g […]

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