What is going ON? I cannot seem to remember my own name.  So, first, last week, I rock up to work without my laptop. This equipment is kinda crucial to my role. I couldn't even pretend. I had to look blank-faced at my boss and tell him I was going home again. And not coming […]


A gorgeous visit to my sister Suze's house… they have chooks! (Check out this pen my brother in law built, clever dude.) The euphoria of a fresh laid egg! gorgeous nephew another gorgeous nephew and another gorgeous nephew. Blessed, we are. People with three small boys shouldn't look this good. Newly-red sister Suze. Who more […]

making your own hummus

You'd never believe it, after sitting around looking over my left-hand-side new-things-to-do list for how long now? I'm finally plowing through it.  Today: awesome hummus!! I've made hummus before, probably most of you have, it's pretty straightforward. I was once responsible for making the condiments at a cafĂ© in Glebe about fifteen years ago when I […]

yoghurt maple balls

You mean I need to stop eating these long enough to write a post?  Naaah. I can multi-task. Yoghurt maple balls. *sigh*.  You know I'm pretty finicky about recipe provenance. I always try to credit anyone and any recipe that has influenced one of mine.  This one is a wee problem though.  Adam and I […]

lemon sago pudding

I soundly acknowledge I am not a sophisticated cook. So not. You've gathered this already. I've catered a few degustations for large numbers but my menus were pretty simple. I love truly skillful food blogs. You know, the ones that even beyond the really good photography are full of seriously talented food. Like this one. […]


My favourite weekend breakfast…   And a project underway – still another 2 days to wait for the yoghurt maple balls to be ready!    Hope you're having a lovely weekend! xxx

some days are unphotographable

Like today. A work day, of course. Began pretty well, no therapies this morning (2 mornings a week I juggle breakfast/ getdressed/ lunchesmade/ getpackedup followed by daycare drop-off and then Henry's occupational therapy or speech therapy and then school dropoff and then get myself across the city to work. Actually going pretty well with this. […]

food for kids

Another super-quick and totally easy dinner that your kids might eat: Oodles of Noodles with Ham and Cheese. A couple of years ago when I told my truly excellent mother in law that I had taken a job cooking for a hundred children at a big preschool in Brisbane, she sent me this book, available from […]

summer days

Something else I love about the farm: the trees. A very old fig. Hard to get the scale without a person standing at its base, but they're cattle yards behind. This tree is enormous. I love it.   These too, just cool looking trees on the driveway up to the house.  And if a tree dies […]

panettone for breakfast

If you ever see panettone on special, often any time other than Christmas, you should buy it.  Personally I don't love it just as a cake-briochy-bready thing, but like this, it is heaven:  Toasted, spread with butter and sprinkled with icing sugar isn't my brilliant original idea. Adam and I used to go to a […]