This small person is Matilda's best friend Emily.  We love her dearly.  And personally, one of my favourite things about Em is her mother, my friend Lucy. (Don't you love it when your kids pick friends with excellent and funny parents? Go Tilds!) Anyway, Luce and Em recently won tickets to the Wiggles in a […]


Imagine eating your first ever piece of chocolate cake. Or baked cheesecake. Imagine biting into your first crunchy juicy sweet apple.  Imagine your first ever sip of summer strawberry smoothie, rich with creamy yoghurt and bursting with fruit. It's on for young and old here. The final small member of our little family has started eating. […]

Over here we are…

.. lying low .. raising tadpoles   .. hosting visiting friends and family   .. happy to have finished at least some of the Christmas sewing on time!   .. and we're talking about Santa's visit and eating leftovers! We had a lovely Christmas lunch here yesterday for extended family. There were lots of hands on […]

boss man

Children, I should say my children, don't have a whole lot of power, you know?  They're told when and what to eat. When to shower. What to wear. How to speak politely. There's so many rules when you're a kid. We were talking about bosses the other day and Henry said to me, "but you're […]

lastminute dot chaos

Ah well. When it falls apart it kind of makes sense for it to all fall apart.  I have a pretty solid habit of leaving things to the last minute. Er, make that everything. I know better. I do. I just never learn.  Here's what happened yesterday. Yesterday was Henry's last day of school. Very […]

Recipe for kids cookie-cutter cookies

or: Play with your food! Hi! I promised the recipe for those yummo cut-out-cookies we made last week.  It's based on a Donna Hay recipe scrawled down from a very old Donny Hay magazine, and I love it because the dough holds its shape while the kids cut it out and the biscuits are delicious. […]

The Happy List

Have you found Kate at Fox's Lane yet? Such a gorgeous blog. She's also incredibly positive in the face of pretty dire agricultural conditions right now. Kate and her partner run an organic farm in Daylesford and the rain has just about washed them out. And now the locusts seem to be moving in. And […]


  I come from a family of organised women.  'Cept I'm not. My Mum has the tidiest pantry you ever saw. And she never runs out of anything. Her system for storing plastic containers and lids should be patented. 'Cept I can't seem to follow it.  My sister Naomi in Germany has a very tidy […]

following the breadcrumbs

  There's something a little bit magic about a gingerbread house. The longevity of the gingerbread, mostly. It's crazy – it lasts and lasts and still tastes great.  Gingerbread is a business I wish I was in.  And the house building at Christmas time. Essential Christmas revelry.    (Everything is more fun with Gran.)   […]