Monthly Archives: July 2011


  Everyone needs a refuge.  Maybe it's a place, or a person, or at the bottom of a cup of tea or an iTunes playlist.  Mine is this hill, right near home, under this particular tree with a prayer. And also this particular shoulder, which I've been leaning on heavily […]

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the up and the down

Some days just start out dreadful. We lost four chooks last night to a fox. Four. Although at least it wasn't all of them, like my friend Darren, who's experience last week was pretty dire.  Adam and I are all no-nonsense and practical and we don't get emotional about farm […]

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little lamb

I missed a call a couple of weeks ago from a friend. I was in Sydney, my phone was on silent, I was very busy sleeping in.  She sent a text later in the day saying the lamb had found a home, no worries.  As quick as I could I […]

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first time for everything

You know how much I love my chooks.  And that I have a fox problem.  Well, turns out I really love my neighbour's chooks too.  I heard a dreadful squawking today at about ten in the morning. It was raining, I'd just let our chooks out, Adam and the kids […]

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free range kids

I didn't know him, I don't know the family, I don't personally know any Hasidic Jews, but the death of that eight year old in New York last week really rattled me.  It wasn't just because he was a kid, although that's always dreadful. He's also not the first kid […]

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how do you eat your porridge?

1. All year round but most enthusiastically in Winter.  2. Made with proper oats, not whatever those 'quick oats' are, and cooked on the stove.  3. With milk and a sprinkle of brown sugar, how my Mum used to make it. 4. With my girls, as the boys in the […]

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