a park with a beach

There's an Inner Pickle reader who I've never met who keeps sending me to THE BEST parks. Hi Renee. We visited another of your suggestions on the weekend. Thank you so much! Parsley Bay Reserve, which even in slightly inclement conditions looks like this: With views like this:     Perhaps she's about to get […]


Sydney in October is a little bit gorgeous.  We explored a new park today – Ballast Point Park at Birchgrove. It has wind turbines! And lots of excellent rocks.  And apart from a massive number of sheer walls leading directly into the harbour, the views (above) were spectacular (photographed while hanging onto the back of […]

free range kids

So what do you think? Heard of this lady?  I totally get what she's saying, and part of what really hits home with me is the need to teach kids self-reliance. But I'd struggle to let a small person find their own way home.  I love the idea of providing 'safe' freedom for kids to […]

all about the girls

These two, actually. This is quite an old photo of two of my favourite people in the world. Ten years old, in fact. On the left, my sister Naomi, on the right, my sister in law, Rachel. Yes it looks like they're in some kind of incarceration facility but it is, rather, the front door […]

roll up, roll up

Oh Sydney.  DAMN you can throw a festival. Check out the The Sydney Children's Festival (great clip here). We had SO MUCH FUN there on Monday. These plants, below, have electric currents running through the water inside the plant, so when you pressed a leaf it played music. Unbelievable. So cool. A slightly sciencey girl explained how […]


There's nothing like it. Alfresco peanut butter sandwiches… …some very serious games of hide and seek… ..i.e. small excited people hiding from their terrifying father… …and how much do I love my boy's smile?   I'm joining in with Elsie Marley's Kid's Clothes Week challenge this week – spending one hour a day sewing clothes […]


Wintertime in Sydney. SO dreadful. A horrible place to live. The poor children.   They're having a miserable day (with some favourite friends, also miserable?) Hope you're having an equally miserable weekend, gorgeous people. xxx

pictures of weekendiness

Saturday was a day filled with excited six year olds, birthday cake and bursting balloons. Very, very good fun but Sunday needed to be a bit peaceful. A play and picnic in the park. Our favourite park. With a new birthday scooter. Its first outing.   My view. Henry: "Don't step in the glass, Mum." […]


So where do you hang out if you're really quite afraid of heights? Oh I know, how about the tallest tower in the country? Nice view though.   Anyway it's not all about me.   Nice to feel on top of things. Which, incidentally, I felt today. Took the washing out of the machine and […]

ode to three

Three years old, that is.  My Mum, who now has eight grandchildren, has a lovely rule that she must have a three year old photo of each of them. Before three, they're toddlers, after that, they are really turning into  little people (and can go through a cheesy photo stage.) So three it is. And […]