Buena Vista Farm

over here we are…

… leaving the hats and the suncream at the back door. … admiring the coffee trees, and the cherries turning bright red, almost ready for picking.    … now grown up enough to open and shut electric fences. This is a big deal.   … enjoying the glorious weather with […]

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Sundays are for…

Instead of a Sunday Night Rewind this week, I thought I'd share a little video I made on my phone this afternoon. Happy Sundaying, lovely folk.  (Turn your sound up; Elizabeth Mitchell, You are my sunshine!)    Untitled from Fiona Walmsley on Vimeo.       xxx

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This is kind of it

I've driven past this farm produce sign dozens of times without stopping. Often it was closed. More often I was on the wrong side of the road and it was kinda hard to turn around. It's sort of nearby here, but out of the way.  This time I stopped.    […]

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dang that’s strange

  Is it just me or do they do things differently in the country? I like to say 'they' as if I'm other, not related by blood, and not implicitly involved.      These boxes are actually for me, to stack biscuits in at the local market on Saturday.  Dad […]

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men’s sheds

The men in my life love a shed.  I get the whole retreat thing. I get it. Farmers though, they're not really retreating. They're storing. Stockpiling. Saving. Salvaging.  Ever looked in a farm shed? Mostly they have a lot of fence posts. Some conductor thingos for electric fences. Old bedheads. […]

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