Simple Butter Cake recipe

We had another birthday cake here today.  The first one, on the actual birthday, didn't include her best friend.  So we made another one.  Any excuse for butter cream.   Amidst story-reading (all by himself, gulp), and crafting, we all made a butter cake.  That's what I love most about […]

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Lemon and Passionfruit Cupcakes Recipe!

Here is the recipe I promised yesterday. It's a minor variation on the good old butter cake, but the yoghurt makes it so moist and light and the passionfruit flavour is delicious. They really don't need icing but a cream cheese icing or lemon icing does nicely too! INGREDIENTS 125g […]

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cake stall

Hello! Big election weekend in Australia – if you missed it, we just exercised our democratic right to elect the federal government. 'Cept (hang it, you all know I'm a feminist leftie) people actually voted for a Coalition government (I would never have believed it) headed by a backward thinking […]

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delicious carrot cake recipe!

Hello! Nope, still no baby… My problem is I have thought since last Sunday that the event was imminent; but apparently not.  Ah well.  What do I do when I'm at a loose end? First: read. (At night after the kids are in bed, obviously.) Which is why my knitting and […]

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well hello!

  No, not hello new baby, hello brain! (And hello enormous belly!) How interesting is acupuncture!? Wow. I had a small moment of panic as she came at me with a needle for my tummy, but gosh, what a cool treatment. And I swear I felt like I was seeing […]

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