Easy orange cake recipe

 This is the cake I made last night and look! There's some left! Which is really saying something because as Henry and Adam (OK and me) were busy polishing it off today and I mentioned I'd like a piece left over for a photo, Adam (with a mouthful) optimistically suggested […]

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Applesauce Loaf

Hi! Just posting the recipe I promised on Friday for the Applesauce loaf. Alex suggested that I might want to double the recipe to fill the tin and until she made this comment I hadn't realised how funny this loaf looked! The recipe actually already make 2 loaves, this one, […]

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The Cake Stall

Henry goes to a totally wonderful pre-school two days a week. We love it.  They had a monster garage sale this weekend which we were away for (see yesterday's post) but they also had a fundraising cake stall at the event which I volunteered to bake for.  Of course I […]

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another excuse for cake

Henry promised Paloma, our next door neighbour and most wonderful babysitter, a cupcake. That's why we have cake, again, in our house. Our house that theoretically is pretty much sugar-free. And frankly, hooray. These are our reason to celebrate: Lemon Poppyseed Cupcakes 125g butter, softened 1 cup sugar 2 eggs […]

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What's a weekend for if not to make scones and, more importantly, to sit and eat them with jam and cream with people you love?  My scone recipe came from my darling friend Angela Thompson who I knew when she was Hyslop, in fact who I knew when she was […]

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Chocolatey Awesomeness

I've blogged this slice previously, without a photo. And it's so damn yummy I had to make it again and am hoping a photo will inspire you to try it! It's dead easy and quick. Awesome with an espresso! No Nutella this time (I didn't have any) and it's still […]

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