nothing if not honest

image source So at the end of week one of 100% sugar-free… can you guess where this is going? I got through the whole week without so much as a dried apricot. Zero fructose. There was baking, there were Bikkies, there was the gift of a family sized box of Maltesers in my pantry – […]

A Slice of Wednesday

Hello, Slice of Wednesday.  This above, is not what it seems. At all. It is verifiably 100% sugar-free. Oh yes. I was so proud of myself, mixing up (a made up recipe) butter, peanuts, shredded coconut, organic raw cacao nibs and cocoa, almond meal and unhulled tahini. I thought, this might just work. A sugar-free […]

How on day 2 of being sugar-free I spent all day baking biscuits

  Luckily, I have other taste-testers.  Also, none of what I baked today was experimental – it was all standard Buena Vista Farm Bikkie stock, I know what they taste like!! Just to be sure though, my Dad and Adam checked them. A friend said to me tonight how strange for the bikkie-maker to be […]

strange sugar-free life

  So here we are, in it. At the end of the first day without sugar. I feel a bit vague. I sailed through the day and even the afternoon without any trouble, and there is approximately 4kg of chocolate stored in bins in this house at present. Also biscuits. All bagged, sealed and labelled […]