Doesn't everyone love a good Sunday ramble around an enormous old cemetery? Rookwood Cemetery is amazing.  It's a whole Sydney suburb, it's that big.  600,000 graves dating from the 1860's and culturally so diverse. Very Sydney. Very cool.  It always surprises me how quiet cemeteries are. Although there was a sign on a big […]

girls do tea

Today was a day 'off' with Tilly. There was school drop off and bus rides and mechanics and vacuuming and clearing off the guest bed for a visit from beloved Gran and Grandpa (my parents), and other than that there was mostly this:  (tea party) and this: (enthusiastically patting baby to sleep) and this: (more […]

mid-week dinner for a tired mum?

Try this.   It's my fall-back. When you're COMPLETELY uninspired, worn out, over committed and pulled in a hundred directions this lovely tasty dinner is thrown together in no time and is about as strenuous as a bit of can opening and chopping.   What shall we call it? Maybe Stewie Spuds?  Stewie Spuds. (I reserve the […]

talking pictures

The photographable stories today:  1. Teddies on the line. Bit of an accident in a small bed. Who knew how many teddies could be involved?      Indicative of the favoured few: there were actually more on her bed but these were the potentially affected ones. Each has a back-story, just like all our children's toys.  […]

one potato, two potato…

Here I was thinking everyone grew sweet potatoes on their windowsills.  But the surprise that my weedy greeneries evoked in all friends passing through our kitchen this weekend made me realise that it's not, perhaps, a worldwide fad. Shame. They're super cool! (And gosh that windowsill needs painting…) I first grew sweet potato plants when […]

three things

Three things from me and then hopefully you: 1. Highlight of the week? Henry Bean getting a merit certificate at school assembly today for excellent handwriting. Could I have been more proud of him? Not possible.  2. Favourite dinner of the week? I called Adam at 5pm looking for motivation and inspiration for dinner and […]

chocolate self-saucing pudding

If you visit here at all regularly you'll be aware of my tendency to make stuff over and over until I find the perfect recipe. It's a personality flaw. When I first met Adam, I made him chocolate self-saucing pudding.  I think it was actually for our second date (chronology dependent on who you ask). […]

cheap thrills (and frills)

You know my op shop weakness? Well one of my favourites also sell big bags of sewing stash stuff! So cheap and so big that Tilly and I had to lug it behind us to the car.  So big that you can't really see what's inside, it's a pot luck.   That big bag at the back is […]

the medieval kitchen

My lovely boss bought in the MOST divine chocolate brownies today. He gets them at the Eveleigh markets and they are to die for. Belgian chocolate, all fudgey and gooey. Our small staff stood around and munched together and groaned in delight and I thought to myself (again): another reason it's GREAT not living in […]


This weekend I taught myself how to knit rib stitch (with the help of YouTube.)   Bless the internet. This (above) is the beginning of a beanie which I started before I went back to Lincraft yesterday afternoon and bought circular knitting needles! So, a flat-knit one that you sew up. It's for Ad, the […]