pumpkin’s not for pie

I've been super lucky to be given two homegrown pumpkins in the last week. One Butternut and one Jap (or Kent). Both glorious.  The first was in exchange for a bag of new mandarins off one of our trees (don't you LOVE a barter?!) and the second was a gift from new friends (who feel just […]

things change

1. collect the oranges and mandarins, bag up old ones for Vanessa's pigs 2. bake an ordinary yeasted loaf of bread 3. collect the eggs, feed the chooks 4. shell the peas for the risotto 5. bring in firewood If you told me ten years ago this would be my to do list for this […]

how do you make sourdough?

I'm not going to pretend I'm some legend baker of perfect sourdough, let's get that straight. I'm new to sourdough. Ordinary bread: yes, I think the sheer numbers of loaves I've started, risen, punched, risen, baked, (eaten), I get to claim that I know something about that.  But sourdough is cool. SO cool.  You make […]

make your own sourdough starter

Although it's kinda magic, there is no holy mystery to making sourdough, and seriously, anyone can do it. It's just flour and water. And if you're someone who will get a buzz from having wild yeast fermenting on your benchtop, then I seriously recommend it.  I initially followed Arabella Forge's recipe from Frugavore  but unfortunately […]

i think we might have nailed it

Can I tell you how much sourdough we've eaten this weekend?  Probably too much.  Also: tending to a slightly miserable babe tonight (sick again? first tooth?) so will post full sourdough story tomorrow, with apologies for the wait. Hold on for the awesomeness of sourdough. Flour, water, a little salt. It's like magic. xxx

this moment

{this moment}: A Friday photo tradition with Soulemama. One moment from this week, one that you want to hang onto and not forget. No words.  And if you're a blogger playing along, please leave your link!   When you're lucky enough to have a sister in law who is more like a sister, who you've travelled […]

snake in the woodpile

  So I don't want you to think we are all about killing over here. I don't actually want to see the fox dead, you know, just gone.  Snakes, too. I'm not particularly scared of snakes. Don't want one under the bed, but I don't freak out so much.   There has been quite a […]

over here we are…

  .. walking around Mum and Dad's place, notebook in one hand, camera in other. .. talking about dogs, looking up rescue shelters, weighing up options. Trying to contain my excitement when Adam says "it was you who wanted to wait! I reckon we can use that metal cubby house as a kennel!" (Don't tell […]

all about the boy

We had a trip back to Sydney today, Henry and I.  We scooted up early this morning to see his specialist speech therapist and pediatrician who we're checking in with every few months.  What a fabulous day.  We got there early and swanned around a big brightly lit shopping centre and although we were feeling […]