therein lies my heart

  See that?  That farm stall is a dream.  An idea tossed around for years before it became real.  A farm stall for a farm bought and paid for by my great great grandfather (William) who worked it for years for a wealthy landowner called David Berry, paid his rent regularly, then rode his horse […]

in a year

Some years don't go as planned. I have a friend who says she barely holds it together through the odd number years but all good things happen in the evens. Some years might be punctuated with illness, or just pass in a blur of tiredness, and you might not really recollect them at all. Some […]

the office

  Ad and I set up our first outdoor market stall on Saturday in Kiama.  I've held off doing outdoor markets 'til now – I was nervous about all that bikkie stock going to waste if we were washed out. But we're closer to online sales now (coming soon, have you heard that before?!?) so […]

that’s where you are

  Oh HELLO! I missed you! We were offline over here for quite a while and then when the Telstra line was finally replaced and we got back online, I forgot how to blog. It felt a bit indulgent, like there was work to be done and I was messing around writing about it and […]


  Sometimes it's just about how you look at things. Your choice. See what you see. You choose your response.  We've got a bit of shaking up going on down here and it's all exciting and unnerving and our brains are jangling a bit. You know that feeling?  Take the one year old. How we […]

baking day

After I've hand rolled and cut about a thousand biscuits, which I have today, not only can I hardly type, but I find myself wandering around youtube looking at automated biscuit factory equipment.  I don't actually want a biscuit factory, and I think the moment you go from handmade to automated you can taste the […]


  Why did I not think of making biscuits as a career, like, ages ago? SO. MUCH. FUN. I love love love market day. And we sold out, which is the coolest thing ever. Very grateful. Hope your weekend is wonderful!       xxx

head in the biscuits

Adam was talking to me earlier this week and randomly threw the word biscuit into the (one-sided) conversation. I said "huh?" and he said "aHA! I knew you weren't listening!"  It's a bit true. I'm all about the biscuit at the moment.  And so, as I make small inroads into getting our bikkie website up, […]

what a Saturday

I took my little biscuit company to my first market on Saturday. And it was AWESOME.  SO much fun. I've never thought about myself as a salesperson, and I still don't think I am. But damn I sold some biscuits!  I sold out of the most popular bikkies by about 10.30am and brought home a […]

climbing mountains

Almost market day. Seven hours in the commercial kitchen today, and lots of bagging and heat sealing and labelling tonight, with extra hands making light work and tea and good company! One crate of bikkies at a time suddenly looking sellable. Incredibly exciting. 'Cept I can't stand up straight anymore. Wretched old fogie.    The […]