A Slice of Wednesday: not quite a White Christmas

  You know you're a bit saturated in northern hemisphere culture when your Australian kids ask whether it really is Christmas time, like, where's the snow? We don't do fake snow on the trees or windows over here. We embrace a warm Christmas and a cool seafood lunch.  More on Christmas traditions another day, I […]

Over here we are…

.. lying low .. raising tadpoles   .. hosting visiting friends and family   .. happy to have finished at least some of the Christmas sewing on time!   .. and we're talking about Santa's visit and eating leftovers! We had a lovely Christmas lunch here yesterday for extended family. There were lots of hands on […]

lastminute dot chaos

Ah well. When it falls apart it kind of makes sense for it to all fall apart.  I have a pretty solid habit of leaving things to the last minute. Er, make that everything. I know better. I do. I just never learn.  Here's what happened yesterday. Yesterday was Henry's last day of school. Very […]

following the breadcrumbs

  There's something a little bit magic about a gingerbread house. The longevity of the gingerbread, mostly. It's crazy – it lasts and lasts and still tastes great.  Gingerbread is a business I wish I was in.  And the house building at Christmas time. Essential Christmas revelry.    (Everything is more fun with Gran.)   […]

the family fruitcake

How did fruitcake become a byword for twit? I'd really like to know.  There is nothing stupid about a good slice of fruitcake. Perfect with a cup of tea. In fact, a small gathering of Reading Between the Wines members tonight polished it off with a selection of herbal tea, coffee and shiraz. It's the […]


:: Celebrating sweet small person moving from not feeding, needing to be constantly carried and very obviously utterly miserable to small sweet person with a headcold. I think she may have had a dreadful sore throat yesterday, today she's just snotty but peaceful. And feeding. (Important in a Walmsley.) :: Writing lists of handmade Christmas […]

all starred out

Goodness me how many of THESE have I eaten this week? Mowielicious's Gingerbread Stars. Quick and delicious, perfect with egg nog or whisky or espresso, I love these biscuits.  I made about 100 stars per batch but that depends on the size of your cookie cutter and how many family members are lingering, "chatting", waiting […]

Totally Cheating Christmas Trifle

So what is a festive dessert you can make a couple of days before Christmas when you have a bunch of people coming for dinner and visitors staying and you're still hoping the last online toy order you made will be delivered on time and where on earth is all that Christmas wrapping paper you […]