rooster pastie

  I don't know if you remember me telling you about Adam and the rampant rooster? Well that rooster made an incredibly delicious slow cooked stew with turnips and leeks and cinnamon last week, which we had with flatbread as we tore in from school before tearing out again to […]

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for this good food

I'm pretty good with dinner. I usually make it myself, the majority of people at the table eat it, and we mix it up. With the exception of Saturday pizza movie night on which the kids have what they call "plain" (homemade) pizza every week. And we have a grownup […]

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pumpkin’s not for pie

I've been super lucky to be given two homegrown pumpkins in the last week. One Butternut and one Jap (or Kent). Both glorious.  The first was in exchange for a bag of new mandarins off one of our trees (don't you LOVE a barter?!) and the second was a gift from […]

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feeding the baby meat

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang If you’ve been following along here you might have been around for Meat Free May last year. We went from a fairly low red-meat-eating base (about twice a week) to zero for a month, for primarily ecological reasons. I was pregnant with baby number […]

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home economics

Dal, I find, is quite divisive. People either get it or they don't. A bit like IKEA.  I love love love dal. Even before vegetarianism, I'd wheel this one out regularly. Luckily I've got number one son on board so I can make it more than twice a year even […]

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Thanks, Winter

Last day but one of Winter down here. My favourite season, gone for another year. For the love of Winter: it was the hardest thing about living in Brisbane (Winter? you call that Winter?) and the best thing about living in London. I chased Winter one year with Adam, right […]

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