noodle heads

For someone that talks a lot about food it might surprise you that I have a lot of trouble feeding my middle child.  I was spoilt by Henry who at two made me one of those incredibly annoying mothers who gave their child steamed broccoli to snack on, and he ate it. He's a terrific […]

on ice

  Back in the olden days when Dad was still dairying (heh heh, that one was for you, Dad) we had a lot of milk. Er, obviously. It arrived home, before we moved into the house on the farm, in a stainless steel milk can, on the back, or maybe the front, of Dad's motorbike.  […]

quick and easy Frittata recipe

I wonder what your go-to recipes are?  Mine all changed when I gradually turned vegetarian during pregnancy and found I just couldn't  serve up sausages or spaghetti bolognaise or steamed chicken, which the kids would always eat.  We've expanded our repertoire and I now have a good handful of dinners I know the kids will […]

high chai

  Hello! Back in August I sent out a call for chai recipes here – noting my devotedness to the drink and hoping to be flooded with fabulous recipes (aka brownies, for which I have more recipes than I'll ever be able to cook. Or eat.) Surprisingly (to me) you lot aren't as enamoured of […]

tea time

OK YOU LOT. Now I know you're reading this, because I get stats. And I even get lots of lovely emails from people who want to chat but don't want to comment on the blog. I'm really not sure why. I read every comment and love it love it love it. One lovely friend who obviously […]