In the garden

rocket launch

Remember this little salad patch?   I can't believe I've actually managed to grow some food.   Friends for lunch last Saturday, rocket and feta salad for the table.      And this is what happens when Adam (thanks for the photos babe) tells you he's taking a photo of […]

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the romantics

I don't go in for sentimentality. It actually annoys the crap out of me. I don't like clich├ęs or empty gestures and it probably goes without saying that I really don't like the crazy commercial crapola that is Valentine's Day.  Having said that, I love my man. Adore him wholeheartedly (you […]

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Just in case you thought I'd moved to paradise and lost myself up my own green righteousness, I'm here to tell you, there's a snake in the grass! No not the grass behind the baby, you think I'd be focussing the camera? I really like that wee moppet. But after […]

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mouse in the house

Generally I don't mind rodents.  Spiders are another thing altogether, but mice or even rats are OK. I don't want them in my breakfast cereal, I should add, and if they move in I'll move them out, but I've lived with them in degrees of share accommodation in the past, […]

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Hello, Spring

We're busy growing a few things round here (other than various small people)… I had a substantial vegie garden in Brisbane that my dear freind Catriona helped me dig out and that I was terribly proud of.  I planted a very hearty selection of vegies which thrived for about a […]

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one for the road

The Culprit. (More on this later…) Hi! We've been in Armidale for three days and tomorrow we drive down to the coast for a few days with friends, can't wait. Meanwhile, I thought I'd share a wee but of our time at Ad's family home with you…   Jim's vegie […]

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