kid-friendly dinners

rooster pastie

  I don't know if you remember me telling you about Adam and the rampant rooster? Well that rooster made an incredibly delicious slow cooked stew with turnips and leeks and cinnamon last week, which we had with flatbread as we tore in from school before tearing out again to […]

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noodle heads

For someone that talks a lot about food it might surprise you that I have a lot of trouble feeding my middle child.  I was spoilt by Henry who at two made me one of those incredibly annoying mothers who gave their child steamed broccoli to snack on, and he […]

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for this good food

I'm pretty good with dinner. I usually make it myself, the majority of people at the table eat it, and we mix it up. With the exception of Saturday pizza movie night on which the kids have what they call "plain" (homemade) pizza every week. And we have a grownup […]

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pumpkin’s not for pie

I've been super lucky to be given two homegrown pumpkins in the last week. One Butternut and one Jap (or Kent). Both glorious.  The first was in exchange for a bag of new mandarins off one of our trees (don't you LOVE a barter?!) and the second was a gift from […]

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food for kids

Another super-quick and totally easy dinner that your kids might eat: Oodles of Noodles with Ham and Cheese. A couple of years ago when I told my truly excellent mother in law that I had taken a job cooking for a hundred children at a big preschool in Brisbane, she sent […]

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