over here we are…

~ Sitting and staring at the wonderful ginger-like in-season Jerusalem artichokes and wondering what the heck to do with them.    Cook 'em, I think babe. (I can't believe she's almost ONE. If I didn't have this year recorded here I might start to think I'd missed it.)   ~ Mixing buttermilk and cream and […]

some days

some days are all about perspective   dreadful disease?   or expressive body art?   Henry home sick with a headcold.  Tilly developing an unhealthy attachment to glitter glue. And clag. And glue sticks. There's not a craft project that does not require glue at the moment. Ivy attacked by a merciless mosquito.  Dinner? IKEA […]

free range kids

So what do you think? Heard of this lady?  I totally get what she's saying, and part of what really hits home with me is the need to teach kids self-reliance. But I'd struggle to let a small person find their own way home.  I love the idea of providing 'safe' freedom for kids to […]

wonderful treehouse

Hey remember this? I had a few comments and emails about this amazing treehouse the kids played with at The Australian Museum last week so I did some digging.  Turns out it was made for the museum by a lady here, locally. Yep, it's made out of a hollowed tree trunk. She's amazing, right? Anyway, […]


Good, unrestrained, imaginative curiosity is probably the trait I cherish most in my small people.    I love bugs in the bug catcher and escapee snails on the stairs.  I love the little finger in the cocoa powder and the little hands which will only be satisfied playing the entire eighty-eight piano keys one after […]

roll up, roll up

Oh Sydney.  DAMN you can throw a festival. Check out the The Sydney Children's Festival (great clip here). We had SO MUCH FUN there on Monday. These plants, below, have electric currents running through the water inside the plant, so when you pressed a leaf it played music. Unbelievable. So cool. A slightly sciencey girl explained how […]

pretending we’re elsewhere

What do you do when you live in the city and wish for a moment you were in the middle of the bush? You go find a park.   And under the orders of the captain: You build a make-shift shelter: You navigate the rising river: You collect firewood: and you have yourselves a sunny, […]

two things

One: if you leave a three year old alone they will eventually find something useful to do. (Even cleaning windows is fun if you don't have to do it.) Maybe tomorrow I should leave the broom out…   Two: Henry asked me tonight what I would be wearing to the father's day breakfast at school […]

this moment

A Friday tradition (not unlike Friday-night-dessert-night!) inspired by Soulemama. One photo from the week, no words, something you want to hang onto. xxx

green day

A wordless post. Because I seem to have lost the ability to speak. Or write. Possibly due to this person. (Totally gratuitous shot of darling wee baby. Who is *cough* actually far less responsible for my inarticulateness than the fact I am mid-way through season 3 of Mad Men and addicted. ADDICTED. So good. What, […]