Kids lunchbox


  It was Henry's first day back at school today and Tilly announced it would be her special day too. To qualify, it had to involve: making gingerbread men, picking flowers, painting a rainbow, and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.  I've been feeling a bit guilty about my middle child […]

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recipe for honey cakes

There's something about honey cakes that makes me feel medieval. In a good way. Honey was the sweetener of choice in the early Middle Ages (my period) and I always imagine people sitting outside little one room houses in small villages surrounded by enormous forests, nibbling honey cakes. Which of […]

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banana devil muffins

No, not as in devilishly naughty. Laced with devil may care brandy? Nope. Not even a crack about wickedly excellently tasting. Couldn't tell you that.  Because I HATE BANANAS.  Kind of like I hate spiders. And the overwhelming smell of nasty chemically deodorant in a lift. And people who don't […]

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