Knitting and sewing projects

Kerchief! Er, bless you.

My niece Georgia showed up these holidays wearing headscarves. And so headscarves it was! Or kerchiefs. Or bandanas. Whatever. They're very Sound of Music and all popping-out-to-the-berry-patch, so we made some appropriate ones. Four in fact, for the four resident under-sevens. (Henry declined.)    Tilly helped. So helpful. She got […]

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  After my less than stirling first effort in making a baby's cap, freestyle, I thought I'd go again. Although I promised myself I'd use a pattern this time (it seemed sensible), I.. er.. didn't, and it didn't actually work out too badly.      A bit unnecessary? Ah maybe. Whatever. […]

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I am so nine yards of uncool. I know some cool people. I'm related to some of them. Unfortunately I just never seem to get the idea. I cottoned onto knitting early. That's now very cool, not so much when I was 13.  There was always an unfinished scarf or […]

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It's all about necks, down here, in this small sheltered spot out of the wind.  Holy crapola it's cold. And windy.  Ever since I accidentally made a cowl, I've become a bit of a fan. They're very practical for people who don't like trailing things around their necks that might […]

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my creative space…

… is squished into the dark recesses of late-at-night this week!  Lots of beginnings.  A small pile of tantalizing fabric waiting to be another peasant shirt. A row or two just begun, waiting for any car trip when I'm not the driver… There's a little girl's dress sitting pinned, waiting… […]

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