delicious carrot cake recipe!

Hello! Nope, still no baby… My problem is I have thought since last Sunday that the event was imminent; but apparently not.  Ah well.  What do I do when I'm at a loose end? First: read. (At night after the kids are in bed, obviously.) Which is why my knitting and sewing projects are sitting unfinished […]

well hello!

  No, not hello new baby, hello brain! (And hello enormous belly!) How interesting is acupuncture!? Wow. I had a small moment of panic as she came at me with a needle for my tummy, but gosh, what a cool treatment. And I swear I felt like I was seeing the world more clearly when […]

break in the program…

The good news is I went back for another scan today and everything looks fine – fluid levels, blood pressure, behemoth bubba (no not really.) No induction booked yet, they're giving me another week and then they'll check the ol' blood pressure again and we'll negotiate.  In other news the medication they've got me on […]

where am I? (and what’s my name again?)

Hi! At around lunchtime yesterday I took myself off to the nurse to get my blood pressure checked. I felt OK but had high blood pressure at the end of pregnancy with Henry and it was a little high on Saturday when I saw the midwife. Nurse reported it was totally fine. Excellent. Went off […]

quick kids lunchbox muffins

Henry, like his Dad, adores sultana cake.  Every week he gets to pick something for his morning tea snackbox at school and this week his pick was sultana cake (again.) As the Best Recipes one I've been using has a LOT of butter and sugar and eggs in it, I whisked up these muffins instead […]

right, then

So we may have left it a tad late to discover whether we can fit three kids car seats across the back of our car.  We drive a smallish car, a Prius, which is probably, what? 40cms across at the back? Maybe not that narrow but I did keep glancing back there over the last […]


Hi! We've wound down a bit here. There's a lot of tea (me) and protein-enriched milkshakes (Tilly – on a hunger strike) and diluted organic apple juice (Henry) and talk about: :: When is the baby coming out, Mum? :: How did the baby get into your tummy? (I passed this one to Adam. It […]

nut butters

You know I'm a big fan of the homemade peanut butter. BIG fan.  I had some leftover nuts this week and we've run out of the above ("we've" being Tilly and I: the boys are vehemently averse to peanut butter of any incarnation.) So I dumped a variety of nuts into my food processor and made this: […]

new things

I'm about to reconfigure that 'new things' to-do list over on the left hand column, and I am thinking up some fun new things to put on it.  (This time, no deadline. No point setting myself up to fail. I will do a wrap-up post sometime shortly about what's coming off the list that wasn't […]

little black book

I have a little black book. No, it's not a lascivious list of old flames. (More's the pity really.) It's a dinner party book. One I started years ago, after I made my very good friends Jodie and Andrew (fabulous foodies) cheesecake for the third dinner party in a row and someone mentioned it and I realised […]