Monthly Archives: August 2010

Thanks, Winter

Last day but one of Winter down here. My favourite season, gone for another year. For the love of Winter: it was the hardest thing about living in Brisbane (Winter? you call that Winter?) and the best thing about living in London. I chased Winter one year with Adam, right […]

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Wintertime in Sydney. SO dreadful. A horrible place to live. The poor children.   They're having a miserable day (with some favourite friends, also miserable?) Hope you're having an equally miserable weekend, gorgeous people. xxx

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what goes up

And as quick as you can say JINX… oh dear. The components: * A dastardly forty minute wait in a queue at the IKEA checkouts (yes I complained to the manager and he promised he'd fire someone.) * I bought a wonderful Manduca baby carrier at the Organic Expo on the […]

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anatomy of a lovely day

What IS it that makes some days delightful and others dreadful? A bunch of factors, usually, right? A peaceful start, out the door without any yelling. Not losing a kid into my beloved neighbours yard looking for the cat/a beetle/a stick. Making it to school before the bell rings. Finding […]

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Lemon and Passionfruit Cupcakes Recipe!

Here is the recipe I promised yesterday. It's a minor variation on the good old butter cake, but the yoghurt makes it so moist and light and the passionfruit flavour is delicious. They really don't need icing but a cream cheese icing or lemon icing does nicely too! INGREDIENTS 125g […]

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cake stall

Hello! Big election weekend in Australia – if you missed it, we just exercised our democratic right to elect the federal government. 'Cept (hang it, you all know I'm a feminist leftie) people actually voted for a Coalition government (I would never have believed it) headed by a backward thinking […]

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