my creative space…

… is squished into the dark recesses of late-at-night this week!  Lots of beginnings.  A small pile of tantalizing fabric waiting to be another peasant shirt. A row or two just begun, waiting for any car trip when I'm not the driver… There's a little girl's dress sitting pinned, waiting… and there appears to be […]

the shirt/dress on her back

I recently made a dress for Tilly. It was a kooky pattern I borrowed from my friend Ali, a design by Denise Knapp of Whimsy Couture which was basically measurements and cut outs… although I'm not really a good enough sewer to cope without a proper pattern!   When I'd finished it though, it was so […]

recipe for honey cakes

There's something about honey cakes that makes me feel medieval. In a good way. Honey was the sweetener of choice in the early Middle Ages (my period) and I always imagine people sitting outside little one room houses in small villages surrounded by enormous forests, nibbling honey cakes. Which of course they weren't as they […]


Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, you lovely folk.  xxx

things I know

Joining in with Yay for Home today!   Things I know: 1. The grass isn't always greener. Sometimes I wish I was someone else, or something other, or part of the gang, or perhaps better at self promotion. And then I take a good hard look at the absolute blessings around me and I think: […]

on the way home

If you follow along on Facebook you would have gathered I had a bit of a drama on Saturday which started with me driving home in the torrential rain and fog from a blogging conference to being rescued from a flooding river. Here's what happened. The conference was interesting. I met some awesome bloggers. It wasn't […]

Bambi loving (and giveaway)

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang.   The love affair with Bambi started here.  Tilly and her animals.  She is so in love with them. A friend gave us the Disney movie 'Bambi' a while back and Tilly was smitten from the first bars of music. She's watched it many times, but I hadn't seen […]

this moment

{this moment}: A Friday tradition with Soulemama. One moment from this week, one that you want to hang onto and not forget. No words.  And if you're a blogger playing along, please leave your link!   xxx

rocket launch

Remember this little salad patch?   I can't believe I've actually managed to grow some food.   Friends for lunch last Saturday, rocket and feta salad for the table.      And this is what happens when Adam (thanks for the photos babe) tells you he's taking a photo of the baby. Snot. Taking a […]

when the wheels fall off

Not sure when it was, exactly. Maybe when I got back into the car today to run an errand, wondered what the funny smell was, realized it was all my groceries, sitting in the car for how long? Maybe two hours? I'd carried the baby inside, asleep, and got busy doing other things. Excellent. Not […]