Friday night dessert night

I know it might seem that there is just endless sweets and treats around these parts, but it's not entirely the case. The slices are always, always given away. Caramel appears once in a blue moon. (OK, maybe twice in a blue moon if they occur in fifteen out of twenty years.) But Friday night? […]

a simple little thing

Well hello! For anyone who got in and made yesterday's lemon slice (or who may have printed off the recipe already) PLEASE NOTE there were two critical typos. First, the number of eggs. Second, the volume of flour. Fixed now. These things discovered after three (so far) readers emailed me after the first version of […]

A slice of Wednesday

I'm pretty much a daily blogger, unless a day kicks my butt, which yesterday did.  There were so many moments, all put together, to remind me that while I may occasionally look collected and, you know, on top of it, I'm so not.   It started with me knocking over the whole bucket of expensive […]

what’s the haps?

  I managed a couple of hours prancing through op shops on Friday (wearing a baby in a backpack, only slightly inhibits prancing) and GUESS WHAT I FOUND?!?!  Now I don't expect the fellas (hi, you two) or a non-sewer to get this really. But my sewing girls? Check it, an old timing Singer overlocker. […]

Sunday night rewind

{Sunday night is if-its for dinner: our version of leftovers. If it's in the fridge you can have it for dinner. Also Sunday Night Rewind, a revisiting of an old post. Tonight's edition originally posted on 16th September 2009.}   dulce de leche DID IT!!! As I wandered about my kitchen at 5.30pm this afternoon […]

this moment

{this moment}: A Friday photo tradition with Soulemama. One moment from this week, one that you want to hang onto and not forget. No words. And if you're a blogger playing along, please leave your link!     Happy Friday, lovely folk. xxx

bummer of a confession

If you drop in here, you might get the impression I'm all down with the homesteading. Got a bit of a garden, do a bit of cooking, know my way round a sewing machine. Pretty green. The baby appears to have an amber necklace on. Buddhist tendencies, hippy inclination. And I have a guilty secret. Disposable […]

Slice of Wednesday: Strawberry Coconut Slice

  I don't have a blogging schedule. I don't have a plan. It's all pretty freestyle. (You can tell, I know. Thanks.) 'Cept this Slice of Wednesday business. I didn't even give it any thought when I decided to commit to a slice a week. And how much fun is this?! I find myself looking […]

three little pigs (and one even littler one)

  Dear vegetarian friends, It's a long way between meat-free May and vegetarianism and my back paddock right now.  I just want to tell you this: if we are going to eat meat then we're committed to raising it ourselves if we can, and buying ethically and locally raised meat if we can't. Happy, cared-for […]

why cook from scratch?

  A lovely reader called Susan asked a damn good question in the comments on the weekend which has had me thinking. And thinking. And thinking. Why do I cook from scratch? she asked. Is it because it's cheaper? It tastes better? or is it for environmental reasons to cut down on food miles? It's […]