recipe for honey cakes

There's something about honey cakes that makes me feel medieval. In a good way. Honey was the sweetener of choice in the early Middle Ages (my period) and I always imagine people sitting outside little one room houses in small villages surrounded by enormous forests, nibbling honey cakes. Which of […]

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:: Celebrating sweet small person moving from not feeding, needing to be constantly carried and very obviously utterly miserable to small sweet person with a headcold. I think she may have had a dreadful sore throat yesterday, today she's just snotty but peaceful. And feeding. (Important in a Walmsley.) :: […]

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school holiday picnicing

One of the things I love most about the school holidays is that not rushing out of the house, hanging out, lets have a picnic kinda feeling.    It doesn't even need to be out of town. An urban park will do me fine. Look at these fantastic old trees! […]

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smartie cookies

Smarties! What kid does not love a smartie, I ask you? I never thought I'd be the kind of parent rewarding kids with coloured chocolate buttons, but there you go. I do. Two smarties have big pull in this house. And you know what: they no longer have artificial colours or […]

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The Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread people.  I make these solely to see Tilly gleefully chomp their heads off. Too funny for words. (Henry: I don't eat biscuits.) Your loss, H-Bomb.  It's a messy business. Hats optional. They look kinda naked without buttons. Not a current in the house.  You don't have quite enough biscuit […]

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