Cooking from scratch


    I had two new year resolutions.  They were: 1. Being able to walk through my house without bits of stuff sticking to my feet.  2. No throwing out food, not ever. So far I'm not doing brilliantly on either.  My house really isn't that dirty, but there's a […]

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Making vanilla extract

    It would be completely fair to call me puritanical when it comes to vanilla. Vanilla "essence" makes me a little bit angry. It's like maple "flavoured" syrup. Why, I beg you, why? If you're like me and you flinch at the $10 for the bottle of the real […]

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making sour cream

Homemade sour cream, hmmmmmm. And about as easy as leaving cream out on the bench, with a bit of buttermilk help.  SO good.  Here's how. (Adapted from The Home Creamery.)   Ingredients: 2 cups cream ('light' cream is recommended, but I use the same pouring cream for everything: butter, icecream, […]

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make your own butter

  I think I just heard my sister, maybe both of them, slapping their foreheads with the palm of their hands. There was a muttered, will you just BUY the damn butter, along with the head banging. They're right. It's ridiculous. I have three small children, a clean washing pile […]

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feeding the baby meat

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang If you’ve been following along here you might have been around for Meat Free May last year. We went from a fairly low red-meat-eating base (about twice a week) to zero for a month, for primarily ecological reasons. I was pregnant with baby number […]

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