Giving up sugar. No, really.

  Hello, my name is Fiona and I have a bit of a sugar problem. It's no so big or obvious. I'm not enormous, or even that unhealthy. But I do eat sugar every day, and I crave it.  I've kidded myself for a long time that because most of […]

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Friday night dessert night

I know it might seem that there is just endless sweets and treats around these parts, but it's not entirely the case. The slices are always, always given away. Caramel appears once in a blue moon. (OK, maybe twice in a blue moon if they occur in fifteen out of […]

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how to not buy a lemon

Even though one of Buena Vista Farm's biscuits is a lemon and orange shortbread, and I've made hundreds of them in the past month, I'm yet to buy a lemon.  Thanks to this tree. Unfortunately it's not actually my tree.  Which means this involves quite a bit of thievery.  LOTS […]

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strawberry shortcake

Shortcake is one of the things I don't make.  I don't make it, because my Mum does. And man, she makes a good shortcake. I think in every family somebody specializes in something, right? Maybe you are the excellent birthday cake maker. Or the beloved scone bringer. Maybe you're known […]

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