What would your thoughts be if your scallywag middle child woke you up in the morning asking for the dustpan and brush?  With any experience of my particualr scallywag you'd most likely wake right up and ask more clearly than you felt: what for?  To which the scallywag would state that she didn't want long […]

another treasure map

Hello! Hope you've had/are having a lovely Sunday and haven't lost any children.  Oh wait. That was me. We had skip around the sustainability expo in Kiama today, at which both children managed to let go of helium balloons, one inside, not so bad, one outside, just as Adam and I were going into raptures […]

over here we are…

~ Sitting and staring at the wonderful ginger-like in-season Jerusalem artichokes and wondering what the heck to do with them.    Cook 'em, I think babe. (I can't believe she's almost ONE. If I didn't have this year recorded here I might start to think I'd missed it.)   ~ Mixing buttermilk and cream and […]

think little

Some days it's all rush rush rush round here, and not much else.  I'm ashamed to say there's raised voices (usually mine: WILL YOU GET IN THE CAR.) There's no enjoying the moment. There's no perfect pastoral family scene. There can even be moments when I think bitterly, this sucks. Enough to forget all the […]

brothers and sisters

Brothers and sisters. I love mine. Adore them, actually. I know I'm lucky. I love them because they're awesome and not nut cases.    My Mum loves her sister and brother. As a kid I used to adore it when they got together, particularly Mum and her sister, they would laugh and laugh and laugh […]

the bush whackers

  xxx P.S. I wonder if bush whacker is a totally Australian expression? Yep, could be.


We got in the car yesterday, and drove for eight hours, and here we are on holidays.  We're so incredibly lucky the kids travel peacefully and happily without exception (OK, one "I'm BORED") from the four year old which was assuaged by a square of chocolate and the old portable DVD player strung up between […]

things I know

Joining in with Yay for Home today!   Things I know: 1. The grass isn't always greener. Sometimes I wish I was someone else, or something other, or part of the gang, or perhaps better at self promotion. And then I take a good hard look at the absolute blessings around me and I think: […]

on the way home

If you follow along on Facebook you would have gathered I had a bit of a drama on Saturday which started with me driving home in the torrential rain and fog from a blogging conference to being rescued from a flooding river. Here's what happened. The conference was interesting. I met some awesome bloggers. It wasn't […]

when the wheels fall off

Not sure when it was, exactly. Maybe when I got back into the car today to run an errand, wondered what the funny smell was, realized it was all my groceries, sitting in the car for how long? Maybe two hours? I'd carried the baby inside, asleep, and got busy doing other things. Excellent. Not […]