Make your own UNBELIEVABLE icecream

HA! Did you think it was safe to drop by here on a Tuesday?! It's not a slice of Wednesday day. It's not even Friday night dessert night! It'll be OK. She might just post a photo of a goose.    HUZZAH!!! Now let's talk for just a minute. We are all about healthy eating […]

buttermilk icecream

Had enough of the dairy yet? No, me either.    My first caveat would have to be that the kids did not like this. They're a bit spoilt with homemade vanilla icecream and I thought this would be similar just with a higher fat content, but it does taste different, a bit tarter, and freezes […]

recipe for frozen yoghurt

So we have a bit of yoghurt here – I've kinda gotten into making it in a big way. Once you get the hang of it it's dead easy and makes itself, mostly. Culture and all that. Anyway, we were out of icecream so I thought – wonder what happens if you churn yoghurt?  I have […]

all in the name of research

OK so the David Lebovitz icecream was very good, but a little fiddly.  Having a dedicated tendency to err on the simpler side of things, I remembered a friend talking about icecream made with condensed milk. Mmmmm, condensed milk. Another good reason to have it in your pantry, right! So I tried this:  BASIC VANILLA […]

Homemade Vanilla Icecream

Yuuuuuummmm.  Ever made your own icecream? I've made it a few times, including a semifreddo phase I went through in the early nineties. THAT one was bad for my bum. But I've never made a 'custard' based icecream. I wanted to try this because being pregnant I can't eat anything with raw eggs in it […]

food for mothers

Perhaps if I hadn't had the two days I've had, I'd write a lovely metaphorical "food for mothers" post about soul food, about what nurtures those who nurture, yada yada.    Nope. THIS is what I'm talkin' about: I judge people on the icecream they serve. Unashamedly.  Maybe it comes from growing up on a […]