Slice of Wednesday: Lemon slice (part three)

Another lemon slice?! Perhaps we need to ask: can you have too many lemon slices in your life?For me it's a bit like the Brownie, I just have to KEEP MAKING versions of it, till I get the perfect one. I think I'm close, but I have one more in me (after this one.) This […]

Slice of Wednesday: Peanut Brittle Slice

  This slice had so much potential. My Armageddon slice, because who knew I still had butter and sugar!? (This was the end of the white sugar stash.) It even involved a cheat. Flour. I had 5kg of gorgeous white bakers flour left over from Bikkie baking for the last two days and I brought […]

Slice of Wednesday: Choc Caramel Slice

      This is not a fancy slice. Or a tricky one. It doesn't photograph particularly well and looks much the same on your friend's beaten up old chopping board as on a pretty plate.  Because this one is not about appearances.  It's the go-to. The old-school. The one your eyes follow if someone […]

Slice of Wednesday: Mars Bar Slice

      I would not ever have thought of making this slice if my Mum had not come out before we set off blackberrying on Saturday and asked me if I remembered the recipe to Mars Bar Slice. I did, although I had not made it for, no exaggeration, about twenty five years. Eek.  […]

Slice of Wednesday: Grandma’s kitchen

    I made blackberry jam today. We've found a bunch of brambles round here, all covered with luscious fruit. Super cool. And free! I've never made blackberry jam so I followed the usual rules re: weight of fruit and sugar and a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice. I let it boil and froth […]

Slice of Wednesday: Muesli Bars

    D'you know, my very first post, in May 2009, was a muesli bar recipe. In fact, this one. It was before I'd thought about actually including photos of the food, and unless you are either of my two sisters you probably never read it.  So I'm posting it again.  There's something else about […]

Slice of Wednesday: no-bake Hedgehog recipe

      Oh my goodness, this slice. *Respectful silence* My mouth is watering just flicking through the photos. My fingers are itching to go get a piece out of the fridge. And you know what, I CAN'T. Because I had the foresight to give the entire thing away after sampling one (OK, two) pieces, […]

A Slice of Wednesday: not quite a White Christmas

  You know you're a bit saturated in northern hemisphere culture when your Australian kids ask whether it really is Christmas time, like, where's the snow? We don't do fake snow on the trees or windows over here. We embrace a warm Christmas and a cool seafood lunch.  More on Christmas traditions another day, I […]

A Slice of Wednesday

Hello, Slice of Wednesday.  This above, is not what it seems. At all. It is verifiably 100% sugar-free. Oh yes. I was so proud of myself, mixing up (a made up recipe) butter, peanuts, shredded coconut, organic raw cacao nibs and cocoa, almond meal and unhulled tahini. I thought, this might just work. A sugar-free […]

A slice of Wednesday: Another Lemon Slice

Adam does not have a sweet tooth in his head. (Pass him the olives and the fetta any time of day.) But some weeks he'll look up from the laptop and say, just ever so slightly folornly, that slice looked nice.  Because mostly it's made, photographed and out the door before he's even sniffed it.  Not this […]